Our Story

look up at
the sky.

The story behind our name is one of exploration, creativity and curiosity.



The exosphere is the outermost layer of our earth's atmosphere and symbolizes the bar that we keep setting for our team in order to push further, aim higher and keep growing— one project at a time.


Ape reminds us to never forget our roots, and stay human in a world that’s becoming ever more digital. It helps us to be brave, yet full of compassion. Humble, but proud of what we do— without the chest banging.


It took an immense amount of curiosity and creativity to go from barely using stone tools to landing on the moon, and beyond. This journey symbolizes our drive to the unrelenting pursuit towards meaningful aesthetics and limitless imagination.


Ad Astra

Ever since the first men set foot on this earth it felt the intangible desire to explore and challenge the boundaries of its own evolution. Drawn by a feeling from deep within and grasped by an ever-lasting urge for things unexplored.

In the unconscious craving to find something greater than ourselves we took the leap and were on our way to undiscovered lands and new worlds. In the same ethos we explore the boundaries of the ever-changing digital landscape today.


on the

Exo Ape embodies our light in the distance that shines through the work that we produce and is at the core of our creations.

Our Studio