100 Years

Celebrating a Century of Cinema

In honor of Columbia Pictures' 100th anniversary, we teamed up with Watson Design Group to create a century-filled digital experience and quiz. This took visitors through entertainment history and a personalized journey of self-discovery, revealing their most influential films and TV shows.

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a Century
of Cinema


For a century, Columbia Pictures has brought drama, suspense, laughter, and love to the big screen. With stories, memories, and quotes spanning a hundred years, it's truly a celebration of fandom.

As a tribute to this fandom, Watson Design Group commissioned us to craft a digital quiz, inviting fans to dive back into the films and series they love most and reintroduce them to others they may have missed.

Two men looking tough at a large outdoor party
A man with a tough gaze looks around behind a car
A woman gambling among men
Two men on black suite with a flash device
Two guys chilling outside
A group of young boys in the forest


With the quiz, we guide users on an interactive journey through Columbia Pictures’ collection of film titles and TV shows, encouraging a path of self-discovery. Through strategic questions and personalized interactions, we aimed to understand each visitor, identifying the stories that had influenced them the most, resulting in a bespoke experience that was unique for every user and visit.

When the quiz ends, it generates a personalized, one-of-a-kind shareable asset that highlights the visitors’ favorite three titles within their favorite genre, continuing to generate traffic and excitement around the site throughout the year.

user interface of ui of the quiz
two people, one with a gun the other in chains

A dynamic journey
through time

Quiz Mechanics

In order to create a uniquely individual experience, we implemented a strategic backend development to keep the journey original, dynamic, and varied for every user — no matter how many times they return. This combined with the wide range of visuals and varied questions ensured a new and entertaining experience for all.

A quiz shaped by you

Each run through the quiz presents the visitor with 8 interactive questions that gradually change based on their responses. With titles, genres, and visuals from a hundred years of film and television, we were able to tailor the experience around each answer. For example, if the quiz finds that the user leans toward horror, more options will be horror-themed. If they lean toward 80s films, more options will tap into nostalgia.

user interface of quiz
user interface of quiz dark theme
men with gun fighting criminals
Two famous actors posing sitting on a car
Tom hanks under shot
Girl in fear is looking up
Ghostbusters walking towards the camera

Take the quiz
anytime, everywhere

Mobile Experience

With Columbia Pictures enthusiasts spanning the globe, our priority was to make sure the quiz experience worked seamlessly on any device and browser. We carefully crafted the mechanics to adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring that users could enjoy the quiz effortlessly, whether they were at home or on the go.

mobile interface of the quiz
mobile interface of a mechanic of the quiz
mobile interface of the menu
woman in darkroom looking into the camera

& made to share

Quiz Result

After diving into Columbia's 100 years and completing the quiz, visitors were presented with a personalized shareable through an automated asset generator. This asset — accompanied with a range of social sharing options — played an important role in maintaining engagement and enthusiasm throughout the campaign and beyond.

An extra hint of


To provide visitors with an extra layer of personalization before sharing the generated asset, we implemented an editing tool that gave them the ability to tailor their final sharable. Whether it's selecting their favorite villain, sidekick, or title, this customization provided viewers the final say while showing them a range of hidden gems and films they may have missed.

story spider verse movie
story ghostbusters
story jumanji

Spreading love for
Columbia Pictures

Social Shareable

Lastly, to increase awareness and site reach, we collaborated with varying Sony IPs to post their very own shareable to their followers. From the Spiderverse to Jumanji, fans and communities were able to link back to the celebratory experience and dive into it all for themselves.

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