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Pixelflakes, a specialized marketing studio entrusted us with creating an impactful online platform that narrates their journey, attracts fresh talent, and effectively positions them as innovators in a crowded digital landscape.

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Pixelflakes strives to establish itself as an innovator in a saturated online world, separating its brand from the repetitive competition by curating a top-tier digital journey. This journey not only presents their one-of-a-kind sketch studies process and inspiring culture but also aims to attract talent for their team.

futuristic building
building city
futuristic indoor building


By subtly weaving pixel-inspired design components into their online platform, we cultivate a premium and standout style, while custom motion design elements bring their unique sketch studies process to life. Through skillful copywriting, mixed media integration, and in-depth team profiles, the platform holistically underscores their cultural values, playing a vital role in inspiring and motivating prospective talent.

indoor interior design of building

Surprising details

Distinctive typography, surprising details, and branded motion come together to form a standout online experience. This fusion creates a memorable user experience that sets the website apart and reinforces the brand's distinctiveness and emphasis on high-quality.

about page interface
menu interface

Visualizing the
Sketch Studies

Sketch Studies

Engage with Pixelflakes' Sketch Studies in a whole new way. Navigate a full-screen canvas by dragging, becoming an active part of their creative narrative, while simultaneously, getting a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes magic that shapes their creative work.

mood impression or antwerp

Informative side-panels

We added side-panels for easy access to relevant content, enhancing user engagement without clutter. Users could explore additional information while others stayed focused on the main content, ensuring an organized, user-friendly experience based on user preferences.

window of a building with plats hanging of the railing
VR glasses
team having lunch

The power of culture

By featuring the team's culture and values prominently on the website, we established trust, attracted like-minded partners and talent, and distinguished the Pixelflakes brand. This transparent approach resonated with our audience and fostered meaningful connections.

profile image
team working
Team meeting
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From the client

When I discovered Exo Ape’s website, I knew these guys were perfect fit. We were considering options with a few agencies, but these guys stood out head and shoulders. Their attention to design, motion, and user experience is unlike anything I had seen before, and we feel honored to have partnered with them. The results speak for themselves - we’re ecstatic.

profile image
Marvin Nooitgedacht
homepage interface mobile
Sketch approach mobile interface
Gallery interface mobile

Optimizing the
mobile experience

Mobile experience

With the limitations of smaller screens in mind, we conscientiously brought vital components to the forefront, ensuring a smooth and authentic brand encounter for those on mobile. We struck a harmonious blend between the new identity and an optimal user journey, resulting in an engaging website experience accessible across devices.

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