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Plugged Live Shows creates and produces touching live shows that engage and inspire audiences around the world. We have created an emotive experience that takes the visitor on a journey through the new Plugged Live Shows universe.

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Plugged Live Shows
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& Inspire


The Plugged Live Shows rebranding triggered the need for the creation of a custom digital experience that matched the one-of-a-kind physical live shows. We wanted to immerse visitors in a world of discovery, where they can experience the extraordinary universe of Plugged Live Shows. Our goal was to give audiences a digital taste of what it's like to experience the shows in person.

live show with woman in a green suit sitting on a blow up dolphin floating in the air
dressed up woman in gold bodypaint sitting behind a purple piano
james bond no time to die live show purple neon lights
live show woman with blond hair sitting in pink setting leather gloves
man sitting on a ballon blue scene
james bond no time to die live show man with a mask holding a red neon bar


In collaboration with the team of Plugged Live Shows we endeavoured to create an online experience as captivating as the live shows. To capture the attention of website visitors and drive interest, exclusive content was used to spark curiosity. In order to engage all senses, we combined the theatrical visuals with subtle animations and immersive sound for an emotive experience that leaves you with goosebumps.

homepage plugged live shows
male and female dancer in white clothes blue underwater world setting

show selection


To leave a lasting impression, we have created a custom horizontal scroll page that allows visitors to scroll through the shows while they are tantalized by beautiful visuals, encouraging them to explore further.

plugged live shows detail page
plugged live shows detail page heroes
plugged live show impression
plugged live show impression
plugged live show impression
plugged live show impression
plugged live show impression
plugged live show impression
plugged live show impression

Show Pages


Each live show is unique and has its own visual identity. To capture this, we created customizable show pages that can be built around variable background colors, custom audio, and imagery of show elements.

plugged live shows expertise page

Show archive

The creations of Plugged Live Shows go as far back as 2013. To support the rich history of live shows, we created an archive page where older shows can be browsed in list format, while newer shows shine in the featured section.

waving hand to radio guy

Immersion on
every device

Mobile Experience

The experience continues to delight, even when you’re not at your desktop screen. All interactions are carefully optimized for smaller screens like your mobile phone, so the shows can be enjoyed everywhere.

man dancing on stage

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